We are happy to provide these great tips and practical guides on the loving care of your pet (from Clinical Veterinary Advisor). These documents can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat Reader "PDF" format and can be viewed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, freely available from Adobe's website:

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      Brushing teeth daily keeps the vet away

      Accommodating blind pets

      Accommodating deaf pets

      Cleaning those smelly ears

      Sprayed by a skunk?


      Giving oral medication is easy!

     Handling and administration of insulin

      Assisting your pet during a seizure

     Monitoring glucose levels at home

      Range of motion exercises for your pets

      Litter box hygiene to reduce inappropriate elimination in cats

      Puppy proofing your home

      EW! TICKS! How to safely remove them from your animal

      Safely shave off those mats!

      Toxic Plants (ASPCA website)

      How to stop a bleeding toenail


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