Animal Health Technician

Laura’s mantra as an animal health technician is: “if the pet parent understands, the animal lives well.” From the basics of nutrition to the complexity of a diagnosis, Laura loves to share her knowledge to pet parents by providing endless analogies to explain a condition or to make sure a pet parent is comfortable with a treatment plan. She cannot imagine being anything but an advocate for animals and a support to their human caregivers. Laura started her animal health technician career at Liesse underDr. Langill and after creating a baseline went to explore working with other practices. She was thrilled to come back to home base at Liesse and work alongside Dr. Gomes and Dr. Skoulikas, who inspire her daily in becoming a veterinarian herself. In her free time, Laura loves to cook, watch documentaries, and walk her amazing dog Sawyer, the nicest German Shepherd mix you will ever meet. Sawyer hangs out at the clinic every day with his girlfriend Patricia.

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