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Jimmie Langill


Jimmie Langill is the original veterinarian who opened Liesse Animal Clinic in 1950. We feel it is important to honor him for creating this pleasant caring facility where pets and people are always welcome.

Jimmie Langill was born in Ottawa, but the family moved to N.D.G. when he was a youngster. Although a great lover of sports, he also had always been attracted to animals, so he decided on a career as a veterinarian. With this in mind, he attended the Ontario Veterinary College, upon his discharge from the navy, and after four years of hard work and study, graduated in May 1950 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

​After graduation, Dr. Langill returned to Montreal and the young doctor hunted high and low for an ideal spot to open the hospital of his dreams. Country and fresh surroundings seemed the logical place but the hospital had to be close to the city. Finally the couple hit upon a spot on Cote de Liesse road and decided it was just right, and so in June 1950, the Liesse Animal Hospital for Horses and Small Animals was opened.

​Within a few years, Dr. Jim’s business began to flourish. He knew that he had to build a new modern veterinary hospital, for more than one veterinarian, with two examination rooms, a hospital treatment room, an animal ward, an isolation room, and a large sterile surgery. This building opened as a “state of the art veterinary hospital” in 1955. A separate boarding kennel was built as well, to separate the boarders from the sick, hospitalized patients.

​Since our opening in 1950, we have employed many veterinarians, including Dr. Arscott, Dr. Urtnowski, Dr. Baron, Dr. Journet, Dr. Wong, Dr. Papineau-Couture, Dr. Sevigny, Dr. Baker, Dr. Foukal, Dr. Dorfman, Dr. Knopp, and then Dr. Bob Langill who graduated in 1986, and purchased the practice in 2014. Scroll down to learn a little more about Dr. Bob's story!

Bob Langill

Subsequent Owner

Dr. Bob Langill grew up working at Liesse Animal Hospital, owned by his father, working weekends and summers.  Assisting in surgery and helping in the treatment of the patients formed a strong desire to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Dr. Bob graduated from O.V.C. (the Ontario Veterinary College) in Guelph Ontario in 1986.  O.V.C. was his father’s alma Mata and where his mother was born and raised.   Bob enjoyed all aspects of college life, participating in numerous sports and excelling in academics.  

Dr. Bob started working for his father at the Liesse Animal Hospital immediately after graduating with honours from O.V.C.

Dr. Jim Langill retired in 2004, aged 78, and Dr. Bob bought the animal hospital from him, changing the name to Liesse Animal Clinic. Dr. Bob is fond of telling friends, colleagues and family that he has the best job and the best clients in the world!

Dr. Bob hired 2 great summer students in 2014, Sophia Skoulikas and Beatriz Gomes.  They worked every summer at the clinic getting practical experience while studying at University of Montreal Veterinary College.  They both started practicing with Dr. Langill once they graduated in 2017.

Beatriz Gomes & Sophia Skoulikas

Current Owners

Both graduating from the same class in 2017, these 2 new doctors are carrying the legacy of the Langill's name. They recently purchased the clinic and intend on keeping the historical values and philosophies that make Liesse Animal Clinic so unique. Learn more about each one of them on the Team page.