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Thorough examinations and vaccinations of all pets!


Thorough examinations and vaccinations of all pets!


Thorough examinations and vaccinations of all pets!


Thorough examinations and vaccinations of all pets including exotic pets!


Vaccine needs may vary between pets, we are here to help you choose the adequate vaccination protocol for your pet!

Clinical Laboratory

We have on-site clinical laboratories to get most of your testing done in house. Much faster results!

Digital X-ray Facility

We have a in-house x-ray facility to get your pet examined fast!

Surgical Facility

Complete surgical facility, including orthopedic and emergency  surgeries.

Top Dentistry Equipment

Top of the line dentistry equipment including digital dental x-ray!

Knowledgeable Staff

Dedicated and knowledgeable staff, with you and your pets interest at heart!


·      Senior citizen discounts
·      Multiple pet discounts


In-house ultrasounds for your pet! Get fast results with our top of the line equipment!

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Visit our online store for your pets' food and supplies!

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Our Services!

·      Thorough examinations and vaccinations of all pets
·      On-site clinical laboratory
·      On-site digital x-ray facility
·      Complete surgical facility, including orthopedic and emergency  surgeries
·      Top of the line dentistry equipment including digital dental x-ray
·      Dedicated and knowledgeable staff, with your interest at heart
·      Senior citizen discounts
·      Multiple pet discounts
·      Ultrasound


Important Facts

Vaccinations: Adult  cats and dogs that have received vaccines yearly may start a 3-year vaccine schedule. Yearly check-ups are essential to keep your pets healthy. Vaccination titres are also available. Speak to your veterinarian to find out more.

Microchip: An affordable, reliable method of permanent identification for your pet. A one time fee to insert this microchip, will give a lifetime of security that your pet will not end up at an SPCA.

Heartworm: Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, and is common in the country and throughout the USA. This infection can be fatal and can be prevented by using safe anti-parasitic products.  

Rabies: All pets that go outdoors must be vaccinated against this deadly disease. Foxes, raccoons, skunks and bats are the main reservoirs of this disease.

Leptospirosis: A re-emergence of this zoonotic disease (transmissible to humans) has occurred. A vaccine is available to protect your dog.

Lyme Disease: The eastern seaboard of the USA is endemic with Lyme  disease. The deer tick is the vector for transmitting the infection to you   or your pet. We are seeing more and more infected ticks in Quebec. Vaccination is available for your dog.

Kennel Cough:
This is a highly contagious disease and your dogs should be protected if they are in frequent close contact with other dogs (i.e boarding facilities, dog parks, etc)

Fleas/Ticks/ Intestinal worms: We have many different safe product to treat and protect your pets against internal and external parasites.

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