Certified Animal Health Technician

Alex always knew she wanted to help people but never knew exactly what to do. She spent some time learning criminology, shadowing dentists and doctors, and finally she found her true passion: helping animals and their caregivers. She enrolled in the animal health program at Vanier College and during her time there, she worked as a laboratory technician researching cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Upon graduating, she decided she wanted to work in a clinical setting. She has been part of the Liesse team since 2018 and she has since discovered her passions for surgery, dentistry, and laboratory work.

She loves exotic animals and loves educating people on the proper husbandry and treatment of these animals. She has 3 guinea pigs (Scruffy, Spiky, and Patches), and a cat named Tyrion (her love seen with her on her picture). Tyrion is currently on a weight loss program and Alex knows how difficult that can be! She loves playing video games, reading, and hanging out with friends playing board games.

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